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Friday – 09.07.10

Information board Kisasi Mixed Secondary School. Kisasi. Kenya.

The road Kisasi – Mutomo in market day. Kenya.

Dust behind a moving matatu. Kenya.

Building management and staff room in Kisasi Mixed Secondary School. Kenya.

One of classrooms in Kisasi Mixed Secondary School. Kenya.

Young people hurrying to our presentation. Kisasi. Kenya.

One of the girls is showing us her diner :-). Kisasi. Kenya.

A herd of bulls and cows herded to the market. Kisasi. Kenya.

Donkeys with jerry cans for water. Kisasi. Kenya.

Bricks manufacture. Kisasi. Kenya.

On the motorbike with the music. Motorcyclist is saying two words. The first is Jambo what means "hello, welcome", the second word is not understandable, but probably "Kenya".

Posing to a picture, and then seeing the effects. Kisasi. Kenya.

The huge, colorful spider hanging on the thread over the road. Kisasi. Kenya.

A spider on the road. Kisasi. Kenya.

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